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"There's the best players in the world on a Lions tour. I know you are playing the best team in the world but with the quality and strength in depth we had, we probably should have won the tour.

"It wasn't down to fatigue. It was probably management a bit, in terms of how our weeks went," he said.

Before the first Test they had over-trained on the Thursday and he wondered if the coaches had panicked in getting the information into the players.

"We had a triple [practice sessions] day, [the] lads' legs were heavy on the Thursday and we were playing the All Blacks on Saturday.

"We did nearly a similar thing in the last week. So maybe it's more [from] a coaching point of view, in terms of taking lessons. Less is more sometimes on a tour like that, rather than trying to pick things up at the end of the week," he said.

"I think there's a lot of learning to take from the tour in terms of the coaching set up as well and from a player's point of view in terms of how we dealt with things. But it's a weird one," he said.

The players had said the workload was too tough at the time and the training had been pulled back. But it was about getting the balance between players and coaches right and making sure 'the group is ready to rock'.

In the first Test the Lions had been caught by a different All Blacks game plan when the home side 'changed it up a lot'.

"We were lucky the second day [Test] probably to get the win when you look at it because our discipline was so poor. But we had fought so hard in that game and put ourselves in good positions at times. We probably didn't finish off a few scores that day but the third day it could have went [sic] either way at the end.

"A decision went our way, but you make your own luck in these situations.

"I think looking back [there's] probably a bit of frustration that we didn't get it right over the whole duration of the tour.

"But it's a tough place to go and get a result obviously. I think before the tour if you'd have asked anyone, they'd have said the All Blacks would probably wipe us.

"We can be proud of some of the performances that we put in but I think as a player it's one that probably got away from us," he said.